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At IT-gigs.com , we understand that there are innumerable cheap website designers and website design choices available on the internet, but here is a list of reasons why you might choose IT-gigs.com in Portland over the other alternatives.

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Your company website design is important and it is just as important that you receive a web design that meets your expectations. IT-gigs.com in Portland work with our customers to make sure that everything is done right.

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Website design project deadlines are important. We have seen too many other web designers drag out projects for months. After making the sale, many website design projects are tossed in a pile. This will never happen at IT-gigs.com in Portland. If your website design project deadline is incompatible with our workload, we will let you know at the outset, so you can make alternative arrangements. See also Our web design and graphic design Guarantee. We can also help with friendly laptop repair services in portland and managed services

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July 2007

Launch of cheap hosting in Oregon.com website Oregon
July 2007
IT-gigs.com is happy to introduce you to their new FREE one page site promotional package.
July 2007
IT-gigs.com launches their new website (Portland).
June 2007
Launch of 6 websites for
our dear Ron Heron (Portland).
- easyprofitmonster.com,
- easyprofitsmaestro.com,
- moneyinonline.com,
- newprofitsguru.com,
- profits4unme.com,
- profitsmaestro.com)
May 2007
Launch of Caelum Resort website (Portland).
May 2007
Release of the new Sae Han Group logo (Portland)
May 2007
Release of the new S.P Properties logo (Portland)
Our cheap website design packages have been designed with the micro businesses in mind. Indeed, small businesses have similar requirements than big companies but can’t afford the same price tag. That's why we designed these cheap solutions packed with the best of our services.
Our expertise with print and other traditional advertising media provides IT-gigs.com in Portland with a unique perspective. We offer a big picture balance assuring that your message is communicated effectivly through the most efficient channels.
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